Our beloved earth is getting older... and older... every single day.
It frequently show us many natural phenomena from year to year, month to month, either it's the good phenomena or it's dangerous phenomena.

But sometimes, it's not only the usual phenomena that happen on this earth, but also THE RARE ONE. Nah, this rare natural phenomenon also could be the good one or the dangerous one. Usually, this kind of phenomenon is unpredictable for us, because it's usually beyond our knowledge. But this is the truth, they happened, and what we can do is learning about why does It happen (if we're a scientist or researcher) or searching for the information about it and take the lesson from this phenomenon (if we're not a researcher).

So that's why, I'm gonna give you all an example of this kind of rare natural phenomenon. It's about fire tornadoes! (WOAH) Omg come on, can you imagine it, guys??!! :O Because what's usually happen is a wind tornadoes and it's very dangerous, and now it's a fire tornadoes! But we don't have to be worry too much, because...


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